International Forum for Information Technology (INFITT) is an non profit organization registered in Canada for the benefit of native language development and usage using information technology .

We invite your participation and membership to share your knowledge expertise enthusiasm in every field of computer science and technology for the betterment of human kind. Our focus is educates and promotes the advancement and development of technology in regional languages in a global culture. INFITT CA will act as a bridge between Innovative academic researches,successful implementation of the such researches and marketing end products to consumers and other major entrepreneurs in the field of Information technology. As a grand initiative to fuse technology with regional and native languages of Canada and around the world. INFITT is uniquely positioned to enhance technology and innovative networking. Apart from yearly conferences. INFITT aims to conduct network meetings, workshops and other events necessary in the regional, national and international level.

Main Objectives

  • To protect the integrity, the antiquity, and the practice of classical languages through technology and digital media for the future
  • To Conduct Yearly International Conferences for Academic Research in the field of technological advancement
  • To Create a platform of networking and business growth opportunities for technology that promotes culture, language, history,digital media for the regional languages around the globe.
  • To conduct workshop for the public about the technology that enhances their life in their regional language
  • To Identify the key problem areas in regional language technology development with appointed committees
  • To work with national and other agencies to find solutions to the problem defined by the appointed committees
  • To ensure further development and research for the regional language development
  • To protect the integrity, the antiquity and the practice of classical languages through technology
  • To Encourage usage of technology in the mother tongue of a common man in every walks of his life.
  • To provide a nurturing team environment for individual growth for its members using information technology advancement and digital content

Language (Tamil)

The Conference took note of the compilation of Tamil computing words prepared by Official Languages Commission of Sri Lanka. In order to arrive at world-wide consensus on the primary, secondary and compound words for Tamil computing, the conference recommends to the governments of Sri Lanka, India and Singapore to support a website suitably designed to obtain the options and suggestions on a global basis to finalize computing words in Tamil. Amongst various possible script reforms and refinements, there has been a consensus to adopt separate vowel modifiers for the following vowel-consonants: i) i-short and i-long ii) vowel-consonants with u-short and u-long. The form of the modifier may be decided by an expert group constituted for this purpose.

Technology (to Tamil)

The Conference recommended that urgent attention be given by the technology development organizations and the private sector to the development of key technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), voice recognition, browsers, search engines and machine translations involving the Tamil Language. A call has been made for a global repository of open source software and technology in above areas. Education

Distance education has emerged as the third stage in the evolution of the educational system following the gurukulam and class-room systems. It increases productivity in education and meets the challenges posed by the needs for universal education, equity in educational opportunities and continuing education. Virtual classroom and online education constitute the fourth stage in distance education, the first three being postal system, use of radio and TV and tele-conferencing. In the knowledge society distance education offers immense possibilities and opportunities that must be maximally utilized. E-Commerce

Best opportunities for Asian entrepreneurs lie in mobile commerce, ebusiness architecture, ASP enablers and language portals. Entrepreneurs should be more focused (than they are currently), develop a single business plan and mileposts for IPO’s mergers or other forms of growth. They should use independent means of assessing the value of any specific VC to their particular goals. VCs have a better chance of realizing their objectives through as much diverse supports (HR, Marketing, strategy) they can provide to entrepreneurs besides finance.

Internet Conferences (Tamil)

Tamil Internet Conferences bring together scholars and researchers working in Tamil Information Technology from across the world for active discussion and learning.  The main aspect of the conferences are the technical section with paper presentations, group discussions, Public Gallery (மக்கள் அரங்கம்) and Exhibition.  Typically, participation in technical conferences only would require paid registration.

The gallery is used for showcasing recent developments in technology.  Educational sessions and booths help the visiting public in enabling Tamil in their devices, and learn about job and business opportunities in Tamil computing.

Name Dates Location Co-Host Theme
Tamil Internet Conference 2017 27-29 October, 2017 Toronto, Canada Recent Trends in Online Teaching and Learning