1. To protect the integrity, the antiquity, and the practice of classical languages through technology and digital media for the future
  2. To Conduct Yearly International Conferences for Academic Research in the field of technological advancement
  3. To Create a platform of networking and business growth opportunities for technology that promotes culture, language, history,digital media for the regional languages around the globe.
  4. To conduct workshop for the public about the technology that enhances their life in their regional language
  5. To Identify the key problem areas in regional language technology development with appointed committees
  6. To work with national and other agencies to find solutions to the problem defined by the appointed committees
  7. To ensure further development and research for the regional language development
  8. To protect the integrity, the antiquity and the practice of classical languages through technology
  9. To Encourage usage of technology in the mother tongue of a common man in every walks of his life.
  10. To provide a nurturing team environment for individual growth for its members using information technology advancement and digital content